De App voor alle Parochies

Get the members of your Parish even more involved. Share news, the pastor’s word and sermons. The RCC App allows members to find, help and connect with each other. Includes collection capabilities, calendars and much more.

Read below how to apply the App or start immediately.

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Bring the parish closer

A convenient and reliable source of information for all your parishioners. Always accessible and always relevant.

Connect you parishioners

With discussion groups, help requests and membership lists, make your parish a stronger community.

Safe for all

The most secure solution for your parish communications. Each member’s own privacy settings.

Always information for parish members

Bring the parish closer to parishioners. All information is directly accessible in the pocket.

Latest news, word from the pastor and more

Give you parishioners even more parish experiences with important and quickly accessible information such as sermons, word from the pastor, liturgy and more. Or send Push notifications on important announcements.

National news by default in the App

In the App you will also read the automatically loaded news of Roman Catholic Netherlands.

All parish activities insightful

Show in the calendar all meetings, celebrations and events and allow invitees to sign up.

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Connect your parishioners

A helping hand, sympathy, expressing an opinion or something else. Make sure parishioners can help each other by connecting them within their own safe environment.

Make a request for help

Need help getting to the parish? Or some support? Ask the parish for help.

Start a discussion or discussion group

In the App, you can easily create your own groups. So you can bring parishioners together in public or private discussion groups. You can also start your own group with the parish staff in which you share information and files.

Allow members to connect with each other or the parish

Share data of parishioners through membership lists or share data about your parish committees.

The App offers much more

If you want to take advantage of all App features, you can! You use what you want to use when you are ready.

Online collection with the collection module

With online collecting, you reach a larger group of parishioners and make collecting even easier.

Share important or inspiring documents

Easily share files or documents that people can view at their leisure. Think liturgy or book tips.

Photo albums

Do you have beautiful photos you would like to share? Create a photo album and capture the special memories together.

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A secure Parish App for everyone

Your parish environment is one where members like to feel safe. In the My RCC App, there are several controls on all users through the smart access barriers. In addition, privacy of parishioners is guaranteed.

Not for everyone

Only parishioners may view all information in the App, and only after registering can they participate in conversations. This is how you create a safe environment without uninvited guests.

Manage your own data

All App visitors manage their own data and privacy settings.

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