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Socie is the associations App! And the basic plan is completely free. Without hidden mandatory fees. Too crazy right!





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Easy interaction with your association

Let your community respond to posts, post their own photos and post or discuss among themselves. Keep your associations App alive and up to date!

Communicate and organize from one Associations App

Inform and inspire. Send push notifications and share documents, photos and videos. Manage calendars, get members to sign up for events or set up crowdfunding.

GDPR proof and easy to use

A secure environment through registration comprehensive privacy settings. Your privacy and that of your members is guaranteed. All data is easily managed through the browser.

Voorbeeld Socie App

Easy interaction with your associations App

Keep your community alive and current by interacting with your association. Allow members to respond to posts, post their own photos or have a discussion.

Let your members communicate with each other

For example, let members respond to a photo or a question or create a marketplace module. That way your too-hotly-washed sports outfit can last another round!

Place a poll

Wondering what your members think of the new bar color? Ask them in a poll. Now just hope everyone likes purple….

Let members share photos themselves.

How nice, members can share photos directly during an event, for example. That way the folks back home will immediately know what they missed!

Communicate and organize from one App.

With the Socie Associations App, you communicate easily with your members. Send push notifications and share documents, photos and videos. With clear management via your browser.

Reach your members with push-notifications

Want to be sure that your members are in the know? Send a push notification. It’s that easy!

Organize a crowdfunding in the app

Let your community respond to posts, post their own photos and post or discuss.

Share photos and documents

Easily share documents, photos and videos with your members or a group.

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GDPR proof en easy to manage, in one App.

Manage all data and privacy settings of your community in the browser. Create a safe online evinronment for your members, even on the free plan.

GDPR proof and secure

Naturally, the data of your residents is stored and managed safely and secure.

Manage your privacy settings

Adjust your privacy settings with no hassle so you and your members stay in control of your personal data.

Decide who can see what

Resdients can decide what information others can see about them. Like birthdays or phone number. Maybe you don’t want others to know your age…

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“We completely replaced our Intranet with the Socie App"

Iris Baars
Iris Baars

Project Manager

Cérélia Netherlands B.V.

Student Association

“We had a private Instagram-page, but the Socie App is way better”

Sophie Lemson
Sophie Lemmen


Navigators Groningen

Owners association

"The Socie App is a vital link and strengthens our open housing community."

App van der Peijl
Ap van der Pijl

App manager

Housing complex Fenix 1

William van Rijn

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