Personeels App voor jouw bedrijf

The staff app for businesses

Create a free staff App for your business in 2 minutes, from small teams to large enterprises. Or choose Socie Plus with more features.





Your employees always in the know and more connected

The latest company news, blogs, photos, colleagues and company events in one App. Let your employees respond to or post their own messages on different topics. Keep your business alive and current!

Communicate, share documents and inform

Easily send a push notification and share important documents, rosters and more. Easily put all business activities in the App and your employees easily sign up.

GDPR proof and easy to use

A secure environment through registration, login and comprehensive personal privacy settings. The privacy of your employees is secured All data is easy to manage through your own web browser and is stored securely.

De App voor HR en personeelscommunicatie 2

The App for HR & Employee communication

Socie is the communication App for your business. Easily bring information such as news, job openings, schedules and events to the attention of your staff.

Secure internal communication

Create special discussion groups where employees can share and talk to each other regarding company related topics. By department, group or the staff association.

Easy sign up for events

Create events in your App with ease and let employees sign up in a matter of seconds. So you know who’s attending Friday’s drinks!

Easily connect with everyone

Each employee can easily specify whether or not they work in the office.

Easily connect with everyone

Let your employees know who’s working in a specific deparment or find the contact information of a specific co-worker.

Online Socie demonstration

Sign up for the free Socie App demonstration to learn about the Socie App. 

Fast and easy App management through your browser

Build and manage your app, wherever you are. View the latest statistics, write a news release or send out a notification to all employees. Everything at your fingertips in the App Manager

Reach your entire workforce with a push notification

An important announcement? Just send a push notification. It’s that easy. Now know everyone’s in the know. You can even schedule them!

Manage your calanders and organize events

Let your employees sign up or sign out of events and easily manage you calendars. Multiple departments? Create separate calendars for each of them.

Build your own App

The app is easy to customize to meet your needs. This way you can customize your app in the light of new or current events. An anniversary, maintenance, temporary work guidelines and more.

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AVg App hr bedrijf veiligheid

GDPR proof and easy to use

Thanks to shielded accounts, your community stays safe. Your staff is in control of their own data thanks to comprehensive privacy settings. Create a secure online environment for your employees, including in the free App.

Secure data storage

Obviously, all personal data of your members is protected according to the GDPR norms and is securely stored and managed.

Easy management of privacy settings

Easily adjust your privacy settings so that you and your employees keep control of their own data. The app even helps remind you to regularly review your privacy settings. The employees themselves are the only ones who decide what others can see.

Extra secure and easy to use

The App has many additional privacy settings. As an App Manager you decide if certain areas in the app that contain personal information needs extra authentication or can only be seen by authorized employees.

Easy import of employee information

Want to make it even more easy? Use our handy import tool to to add all the employee data in the app in minutes.


William van Rijn

Cérélia in Sliedrecht

Iris Baars (Project Manager Cérélia Netherlands) introduced the Socie app at the plant in October 2021, the Belgian plant joined in December and the UK plant also switched to the Socie app for internal communication in May.

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KP Holland
William van Rijn

KP Holland Westland

“We have created a gathering place for all important documents and are connecting employees by organizing the vitality program through the App,

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William van Rijn

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