The App for Residents

The communication App for your Village, Municipality, Housing Complex, Street or Neighborhood.
All residents are always informed within a safe and user-friendly app environment.
Each resident chooses what to follow and residents can help each other in many ways.  





App voor dorpen en bewoners

A better and safer living environment

Create a better & safer living environment through more connection & better communication among residents. Let the neighborhood ask for help. Help each other with chores, materials, care, information, mutual conversations and more.

Inform, communicate and manage from one App

Inform and inspire. Share news and current events, documents, photos and videos. Send push notifications and facilitate communication between your residents in groups, for example, or let your members respond to news items.

A secure App and easy to use

Create a secure environment through access control and personal registration with comprehensive privacy settings. Your privacy and that of the residents is guaranteed. Choose what you want to share with the neighborhood.

Dorpen app

Easily create interaction in your own residents App

Connect residents with each other through your own App.
Keep your community alive and current through interaction.
Engage people by responding to posts, posting photos or having a discussion.

Let residents find each other

Using resident lists, you easily display residents’ contact information and addresses, for example, including a handy map option.

Allow residents to communicate with each other

Allow residents to respond to posts or photos. Create groups where members can communicate and discuss neighborhood topics.

Let residents vote

Wondering what your residents think about certain topics? Ask in a poll.

Allow residents to share photos themselves

During events, residents can immediately share photos in the App. This way, other residents know immediately what they missed.

Communicate and organize from one App.

With the Socie App, you communicate easily with your residents. You adapt the App to the needs of the residents. Share news, send push notifications and share documents, photos and videos. All through a clear management in your browser. 

Organize an event

Easily organize an event or meeting with residents.

Reach your residents with push notifications

Something important to report? Send a push notification to all residents, neighborhoods or groups.

More interaction

Allow residents to respond to news items, statements, documents and more. Increase your residents’ interaction.

Share photos and documents

Easily share important documents, newsletters, photos and videos with residents or a group.

App voor woonwijk
AVg App hr bedrijf veiligheid

GDPR-proof and user friendly

All your residents’ data is securely stored and managed.
Members are in control of their own data thanks to up-to-date privacy settings.
In addition, the App is easy to use for everyone.

GDPR proof and secure

Naturally, the data of your residents is stored and managed safely and secure.

Each resident's own privacy settings

Easily adjust your privacy settings so that you and residents keep control of their own data.

Decide who can see what

Each resident decides who can see their information. For example, don’t you want to show your date of birth to everyone? Then you can choose not to show this to members or (specific) groups.


Harbour Quarter Rotterdam

“The early deployment of the Socie App allowed residents to connect with each other during the construction phase, quickly creating a sense

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Fenix 1
William van Rijn

Fenix 1 – Apartment complex | Rotterdam

Fenix 1 is an award-winning residential complex in the Katendrecht district of Rotterdam. The old monumental transshipment warehouse opposite Hotel New York was redeveloped and redesigned with particular style. There is an open community of residents, restaurants, offices and even an indoor circus school.

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William van Rijn

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