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Socie app voor VVE

Share documents and news

Easily share documents, minutes or maintenance reports with your residents. All in one place, for everyone

More efficient and engaged owners' association

Create calendar items that residents can sign up for, share maintenance schedules, send push notifications and let residents file reports. Engaged residents

More connected, more engaged

Residents are more in touch with the Owners’ association and with each other. Residents can help, inform and stay in touch with each other.
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Targeted communication

Socie enables you to share information with all residents or certain groups. Think about safety protocols or instruction manuals for equipment and installations. You can manage every section of the App to fit your needs. And add access rules per group.

All the residents, always in the know

With the Socie App all your residents can stay in the know about the latest events and affairs. News, known defects, maintenance, new residents and more.

Documents for everyone or just specific groups

Share documents with all the residents or only allow specific groups to access them. Voor iedereen de juiste informatie.

Everthing in one place

The single place with all the information for your residents News, documents, members, manuals, service interruptions and all the links that a resident can need. All in one place.

Online Socie demonstration

Sign up for the free Socie demonstration on Tuesday, Oct. 10 at 7 p.m. to learn about the Socie App.

The owners' association app that's easy to use

Managing an owners’ association is hard enough as it is. With the free Owners’ association app by Socie, managing your association is easier than ever. You’ll even create more engagement between residents – a win-win. Resulting in a more engaged owners’ association!

Manage your calanders and organize events

Let residents sign up or out of certain events, meetings and manage the calendars with ease. Who’s attending the upcoming general assembly?

Reach your residents with push notifications

An important announcement? Just send a push notification. It’s that easy. Now you know that all residents are in the know.

Let residents report issues

Is the elevator having issues, or did someone spot a leak? Let residents report it to the owners’ association or let them know that it’s already been reported.
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Socie.nl - The App for your community

GDPR proof en easy to manage, in one App.

Manage all data and privacy settings of your community in the browser. Create a safe online evinronment for your members, even on the free plan.

GDPR proof and secure

Naturally, the data of your residents is stored and managed safely and secure.

Simple management of privacy settings

Adjust your privacy settings with no hassle so you and your members stay in control of your personal data.

Decide who can see what

Resdients can decide what information others can see about them. Like birthdays or phone number. Maybe you don’t want others to know your age…

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