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9 August 2023

“The App provides convenience and more connection. It’s nice to share things together, posting pictures and music tracks is very easy.” Hinke […]

Kamper Trumpeter Corps

20 July 2023

“Because of the App, members feel much more connected to the Corps and more is now being recorded about the Corps by […]

KP Holland gebruikt de Socie App

28 June 2023

“We have created a gathering place for all important documents and are connecting employees by organizing the vitality program through the App, […]

Navigators Student Association Groningen

16 November 2022

N.S.G. (Navigators Student Association Groningen) is the largest Christian student association in Groningen. The association has been using the Socie App for more than 10 years. The 420 members (2022) use the App for various…

Cérélia in Sliedrecht

11 November 2022

Iris Baars (Project Manager Cérélia Netherlands) introduced the Socie app at the plant in October 2021, the Belgian plant joined in December and the UK plant also switched to the Socie app for internal communication…

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