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Socie is the online community App for secure group communication. One place for all your community communications. The basic App is completely free and you choose how to set it up. Great right!





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Easy interaction within your community

Keep your community alive and up-to-date. Allow members to respond to blogs, posts, post their own photos & messages and have discussions.

Let your members communicate with each other

Let members find and communicate with one another through a clear member list. Connecting members has never been more fun!

Build interactive groups

Create groups where members can communicate, share & discuss. Create events for or by members including sign-up. One place for all your group communication

Let members share photos themselves.

Create photo albums or even more fun, have members share photos directly during an event. So the people staying at home know what they’re missing.

Communicate and organize from one App.

With the Socie community App, you communicate easily with your members. Send push notifications and share documents, photos and videos or organize an event.

Reach your members with push-notifications

Sure your members are in the loop? Send a push notification. Just as easy!

Launch a crowd funding campaign in the App

Share the latest community news with your community and let them post comments if they wish.

Share documents, photo's and videos.

Easily share documents, photos and videos with your members or with a protected group.

Organize an event or set up a poll

Create an event in the calendar and allow members to sign in or out. Curious to see what your members think of your awesome idea or proposition? Ask them in a poll. Now just hope everyone shares your opinion.

Socie iPhone

90-day free trial for Socie Plus

You can try the Socie App with all its functionalities for free for 90 days. After the trial period, your App will be converted to the free App version.

You can choose to purchase a subscription during or after your trial period or continue using the free app.

No financial data is required. The trial period ends automatically. After the trial period, use the free App.

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GDPR-proof and user friendly

Thanks to shielded accounts, your community stays safe. Your members are in control of their own data thanks to comprehensive privacy settings. Create a secure online environment for your members, including in the free App.

GDPR proof and secure

Rest asured, all data is stored according to the GDPR norms and are safely stored and managed.

Easy management of privacy settings

Easily adjust your privacy settings so that you and your members stay in control of their own data. The app even helps remind you to regularly review your privacy settings. After all, you decide who gets to see your data. Maybe you don’t want others to know your age…

Extra secure and easy to use

The App has many additional privacy settings. As the administrator, determine whether modules with personal data need additional security, member data is public or protected by default, and much more.

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