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The App for music and singing groups

Create a free App for music groups in 2 minutes. From your orchestra or brass band to choir, band or show band. Or choose Socie Plus with more features.

Dozens of music groups and associations are already using the Socie App. Are you joining too?





Signing up for rehearsals has never been easier

Through the clear calendar you can see all rehearsals and sign in or out. In addition, you will see all performances and other important events.

Share sheet music and documents

Share scores, sheet music and concerts to all members or to specific groups. Sharing music has never been easier. Optionally, let your community respond.

Always have the latest news and photos ready

The latest news about your music association or the latest news about the World Music Competition, you can find everything in one App. In addition, share all current photos of performances.

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The calendar has never been more convenient

With the Socie App, you immediately have a very versatile calendar for everyone. Share performances, rehearsals or create a separate agenda for the board.

Knowing exactly who is coming to rehearsal

Signing in and out is super easy within the App. This allows you and also other participants to see who all are present.

Always up to date on fun events

Of course, the calendar also shows all of your community’s unmissable events. Performances, rehearsals, drills and much more.

Screen calendars for groups

As a board or group, do you want your own agenda? That too is possible. For each group, you can assign agendas.

Online Socie demonstration

Sign up for the free Socie App demonstration to learn about the Socie App. 

Sharing music has never been so fun and easy

Sharing music provides inspiration. Within the Socie App, you can share music as an administrator, but you can also enable members to share their own music. This creates inspiration and connection within your community.

Share sheet music and scores

Within the App, you can easily make sheet music available. Isn’t the sheet music for everyone? Then share the music alone with a group.

Let members share music inspiration among themselves

You can share music, but even more fun, let your members share (sheet) music among themselves. This can be within specific music groups or broadly within the App.

Share performances or inspire

Have you created a piece of music you want to share or are looking for inspiration, you can do that too within the App. Other members may respond.

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Share the latest news and fun photos

The App also facilitates news and photo sharing. In doing so, your community is always informed and can sympathize with all the special moments.

What news are you sharing?

Share news about your association, national events or the World Music Competition.

With nice pictures, everyone lives with them

Nice photos from a music competition, performance or other music event? Share them in the App.

Celebrate birthdays together

With the fun birthday widget, everyone in the association knows who’s birthday it is and you can congratulate each other via the App.


Gospelkoor Revival
William van Rijn

Gospel choir Revival

“After a testing period with the board, we unanimously chose to start using the Socie App for our gospel choir.” Greetje Haanstra

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The Socie App offers many more features

The Socie App is the App for your brass band, the App for your wind band and the App for your Big Band. Dozens of music groups are already using our versatile App. You can configure the App all by yourself, and members can communicate securely with each other thanks to the extensive privacy settings.

William van Rijn

Bring your community to fruition
with the Socie App

Questions? Please feel free to contact William to discuss the possibilities
that Socie can provide to your community.

"The App makes our music society modern"

kamper trompetter korps
Erik van Oenen
Media coordinator Crested Trumpeter Corps

"We do it more together now thanks to the App."

Greetje Haanstra
Greetje Haanstra
Secretary - Gospel Choir Revival

App for music groups

An app for music groups is a multifaceted concept. Are you looking for an app for your music group, band, orchestra or something else but want to know more? Or if you are not so sure how to put dee in, please contact us or send us an intake form.

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