GDPR, security and privacy

App safety en privacy

At Socie communities often a topic of conversation. Together with our partners, we are committed to securing personal data. Privacy and the proper use of personal data are very important to our organization. On this page we list some of the security measures we have implemented within our platform and the documents we have created. 



At Socie, we perform pen testing on our software by outside parties. With this, these parties simulate external attacks to identify vulnerabilities. 

Security measures through the platform

On the Socie platform, we have taken the following measures to comply with the GDPR and privacy laws:

Automatic cleaning of user accounts 

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At Socie, we do not want to keep data longer than strictly necessary. On the other hand, we want the user experience to remain good and pleasant. Therefore, if accounts do not log in for more than 1 year, we send an email that we will automatically delete his/her account if they do not log in within a month. 

Comprehensive privacy settings per user

Any user on the Socie platform can adjust comprehensive privacy settings on any data available from them in the App. This gives community members full control over their data. 

Automatic reminder privacy settings

The app reminds users every six months to check privacy settings. In doing so, we ensure that people are aware of their privacy settings. 

Profile data insightful for users

If the App Administrator has set profile is customizable, a community member can see their data reflected in their own member profile. This allows you to immediately see what data is known within the community. 

Suggested visibility 

We allow the App Administrator to specify a suggested visibility in the App for personal data so that new members will receive this as advice from the community. 

Additional checks on personal data

The App Administrator can activate additional access controls on accessing personal data. This means that if someone uses the App the person must always enter an additional access control to access the personal data. This can be Face ID, a fingerprint or a numeric code.

Restricted search of member lists

We enable the App Administrator to activate limited search in the member lists. Only the members being searched for are shown. This makes personal data more protected.


We have prepared the following documents around AVG and Privacy: 

Privacy Statement

Check our privacy statement.

Processor Agreement

The processor agreement can be found in App Management at: Settings > Account > Processor Agreement. 

General conditions

The terms and conditions can be found in the App Administration at: Settings > Account > Terms and Conditions. 

Data Breach Protocol

A data breach protocol is in place. If we face a data breach, there is a professional roadmap. 

Socie Security Document

There is a Socie security document with all measures to secure our data. This can be requested.

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