De App voor Netwerk-organisaties

Within 2 minutes a free App for your Business club, Business association and Networking association. Or choose the Plus variant with more features.





Netwerk App

Easy sign up for events

Through the clear calendar you have all meetings, trainings and other events in view. In addition, members from your community can subscribe or unsubscribe themselves to these events in the App.

Inform, communicate and manage from one App

Inform and inspire. Send push notifications, share news, documents, photos and videos. Facilitate communication between your members in groups, for example, or let your members respond to news items.

A secure App and easy to use

A secure environment through registration with comprehensive privacy settings. Your privacy and that of your members is guaranteed. All data is easily managed through the browser.

Communicatie app alles in 1

Make interaction easy in your own Network App

Keep your community alive and current by seeking interaction. Allow members to respond to posts, post pictures or have a discussion.

Let members find each other

Through the member lists you easily show members or companies with contact information.

Let your members communicate with each other

Allow members to respond to posts or photos. Create groups in which members can communicate and discuss topics.

Place a poll

Wondering what your members think about certain topics? Ask them in a poll.

Let members share photos themselves.

During events, members can immediately share photos in the App. That way the folks back home will immediately know what they missed!

Online Socie demonstration

Sign up for the free Socie demonstration on Tuesday, Oct. 10 at 7 p.m. to learn about the Socie App.

Communicate and organize from one App.

With the Socie App, you communicate easily with your members. Send push notifications and share documents, photos and videos. With clear management via your browser.

Reach your members with push-notifications

Want to be sure that your members are in the know? Send a push notification. It’s that easy!

More interaction

Allow members to comment on news items, statements, documents and more. Increase the interaction of your network organization.

Share photos and documents

Easily share important documents, newsletters, photos and videos with your members or a group.

Alles in 1 communicatie app

GDPR-proof and user friendly

All data from your Network Organization App is securely stored and managed. Members are in control of their data thanks to up-to-date privacy settings.

GDPR proof and secure

Naturally, the data of your residents is stored and managed safely and secure.

Manage your privacy settings

Adjust your privacy settings with no hassle so you and your members stay in control of your personal data.

Decide who can see what

Decide who can see your data. For example, don’t want to show everyone your date of birth? Then you can choose not to show this to members or (specific) groups.

William van Rijn

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with the Socie App

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