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Create your own Sport community App in a matter of minutes, or get the membership software of AllUnited with our app.

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Meer engagement in your Sports club

Mobilize your club in seconds Send targeted push notifications to your members, groups or teams. Connect players and athletes and create your own association app or team app.


Communicate and manage, all from one App

All teams, players, schedules and events available in the app. Always in the know about your favorite team! Members never miss anything regarding your sports club or team.

GDPR proof and easy to use

A safe environment through ample privacy settings. The privacy of your member is warranted.

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Increase the scope of communication with your members

Club life follows your members, even outside the clubhouse. Whether they are at home, at school or at work. They can follow the latest events and participate if they want. Socie helps members to be more involved and engaged with the club and each other.

Let your members communicate with each other

Build and manage your app, wherever you are. See the latest statistics, let your club members find each other through the member list and talk together. Who doesn’t want a Team App? Write news articles or send messages to all the members.

More possibilities with AllUnited

Sports clubs that use the membership software of AllUnited get even more, like automatic sync of members data.

Let members share their messages, photos or videos

Share the most exciting moments with everyone. An inspirational quote, awesome photo or exciting video. With Socie, you can share it with everyone in an instant.

Easily communicate and share from a single App

With your Sports Club App, you can communicate online with your members wherever they are. Reach your members directly through push notifications, organize an event or share documents. Everything is easily accessed through the App Management console in your browser.

Send push notifications to your members

Important announcement for all or some of your members or certain teams? Send a push notification. That way, everyone is in the loop.

Fundraising through crowdfuning and sponsoring

Want to raise money for charity or your sports club? In the Sports Club App, you can easily create a crowdfunding campaign or launch an ad of your sponsors. Go get those goals!

Organize events

Invite your members to nice summer BBQ? It’s done in seconds with Socie. They can easily RSVP. That also helps when you want to know how many members will show up for the General Assembly.
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GDPR proof and easy to use

Keep a grip on all the member data in a secure and safe environment with the Sports Cub App by Socie. Tanks to the advanced privacy settings, members can have control over their own data in the App.

Secure data storage

All the member data, safely stored and managed in accordance with the GDPR-norms. Now you know that the data won’t fall into the wrong hands.

Simple privacy settings management

Adjust your privacy settings with no hassle so you and your members stay in control of your personal data. The App even reminds you to regularly update you privacy settings. The employees themselves are the only ones who decide what others can see.

Additional privacy settings

The App has extra privacy settings. As the App Manager, you can decide whether certain sections of the app that contain personal data need additional authentication. Or you can make it available to only specific members or groups.
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