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26 February 2024

Search group members within the App. It is now possible to search for group members within the (interactive) groups in the App. […]


16 January 2024

App Automatic notification around pending events and agenda items. As of version 4.8.0, the Socie platform automatically sends reminders around events/agenda items. […]


19 December 2023

App Add files/attachments to news and events. -> It is now possible to attach files to agenda items, events and news items. […]


16 October 2023

The collection module has been revamped and improved, making it easier for users to give and removing the threshold of a minimum […]


12 July 2023

App New module : Locations module. Show locations on interactive maps in the App  Showing members on cards -> It is now […]


23 May 2023

App Added document search feature: You can now search documents in the App  Added news search feature: You can now search news […]


21 March 2023

Create and manage events within interactive groups. -> Group administrators or members can add events and agenda items to interactive groups directly […]


17 January 2023

YouTube video preview feature added in moments module -> When a link to a YouTube video is shared in a post in […]


8 December 2022

Added forgotten password option when changing your password and deleting your account When registering with an e-mail address that already exists, the […]


20 October 2022

Add comments when reporting presence or absence for an event via the App. View and export comments around signing in and out […]

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