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..and discover the Socie white label App! Join our successful partner program and enrich your communities with your own iOS & Android App.

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Our white label solution

Enrich your communities with your own branded App. Together we develop and configure an app for your communities.

Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Possibly linked to your application.

Win - Win

Through your personal Socie Partner Platform, you manage App licenses, create new apps and view statistics.

We are your development partner, and know the market. Together we build a succesful App.

What are you waiting for?

For more than 10 years, we have been successfully marketing community apps as Socie partners.

Are you interested in setting up your own Community app for your company or organisation? Contact us. Or be inspired by a small selection of our portfolio.

Partner • All United
App Icon AU

The App for Sport clubs

Together with AllUnited we’ve built the Club App for sport clubs and sport federations. The App’s communication features have been suplemented with additional, bespoke modules. We also developed a new App structure for Sport Federations to let them be more digitally present in the Apps of their clubs.

The App and the Membership software from AllUnited are interconnected through an API.

Partner • Scipio
App Icon Scipio

Your church in your pocket

Together with Hagru, we built the Scipio App, that services hundres of churches in the Netherlands. The App’s communication features have been suplemented with additional, bespoke modules. We also made a special memberlists to reflect the advanced membership structures that Churches can have. We also delivered a special feature that let’s give their offerings straight from the app. Whenever, and wherever they are. The App and Hagru’s membership software are interconnected through an API
Partner • Boy and Girl Scouts, The Netherlands

Every scouting club, their own App.

For Scouting Nederland, we built an App for all their scouting clubs and nation wide events/ The app facilitates interaction, informs members and parents, and much more. The Scouting Nederland App is interconnects with the membership software of SOL through an API.

Scouting App Socie DeelAlles 1
Partner - Congressus

Manage your association online

For Congressus, we provide an App for all member associations. The app facilitates interaction, informs members and parents, and much more. The Congressus App links to the member administration system via an API and synchronizes groups.

William van Rijn

Become a Socie partner?

Discover all Partner Opportunities. Please feel free to contact William to discuss the possibilities
that Socie can provide to your community.

Why build a White label app with Socie?

Not quite convinced yet? We would love to build your White label community App together. From our solid App Basis, we configure your own community app and communty app platform. That saves you or your organization a huge investment and you grow with our platform. 

  • Successfully operating in the community market for 10 years 
  • Very stable and secure (AVG secure) platform 
  • Very active development roadmap
  • Highly configurable platform
  • Very low entry cost
  • Operational within weeks
  • Links / integration with your own application possible 

Your own App partner platform

As a partner of Socie, you get your own partner platform. In here you manage your apps, your app licenses and can view statistics. You log in through the browser and can manage all your apps anytime, anywhere. If we link with your own application, you can also activate the links from within the application. 

Multiple license types possible

As a Partner, just like within the Socie platform, you can choose which licections to issue. For more information on this, please contact us. 

Multiple app Types possible

To ensure that partner apps are even better aligned with partner audiences, it is possible to configure multiple app types. An App type consists of a number of fixed standard modules that you immediately “set up” when creating the PartnerApp. This ensures that as a partner with a diversity of communities, you can immediately ready the right app type.