Beheer en creëer jouw eigen App met onze eenvoudige beheeromgeving

With our clear App Management, you manage the App wherever you are via your browser. With one or more App Administrators. Customize the App to your corporate identity, partition the menu layout, activate modules, place content, notifications, authorize, respond and send push notifications.

App Beheer

Everything from 1 place

Build and manage your App wherever you are. See the latest statistics, write a news artcile or send a push notification to your employees. Everything at your fingertips in the App Manager

Manage your App

Customize App setup, add content, activate modules, add events, manage App Administrators, respond to content, view event submissions and do much more.

Communicate with your community

From your App Management, send notifications to groups or your entire community.


Manage your App licenses, download your invoices, manage your groups, administrators & much more.

Socie app beheer

Styling and formatting

  • Add an App logo and your photos
  • Determine the structure of the main page
  • Choose your own colors and mood photos
  • Choose your own menu icons

App setup and menus

  • Choose your own App name
  • Choose the menu layout of your App
  • Activate modules and define settings
  • Authorize groups for modules

Content and communication

  • Create and manage events
  • Post content or plan content ahead
  • Schedule and send push notifications
  • Post videos & files
Socie app beheer voorbeeld

The Socie App management is full of useful features

The Socie App Management has been evolving for more than 10 years. Discover these additional useful features

Manage App submissions or invite members

Within App Management, you easily invite members to the App. Or manage submitted App participation requests.

View comprehensive App statistics

Want to know exactly how often your App is used and which parts people use the most? The statistics give you all the insights.

View event notifications and send all notifiers a Push notification

See who signed up for an event & send push notifications to all people who signed up for the event.

Know if your messages are arriving

The app informs how many people you reach with your push notifications.


  • Add multiple App Administrators
  • Determines authorizations of modules
  • Give groups access to modules
  • Separate financial manager

Comments and actions

  • Turning responses on or off
  • Manage inappropriately flagged content
  • Respond as a group (e.g., ‘board’)
  • Enable notifications on responses


  • Load members through convenient links
  • Create exports of important data
  • Ex- or import calendars via iCal
  • Import news via RSS feeds
Socie beheer AVG veiligheid en privacy

Secure & AVG proof

Thanks to shielded accounts, your community stays safe. Your community is in control of their own data thanks to comprehensive privacy settings. Create a secure online environment for your community, including in the free App.

Secure data storage

Obviously, all personal data of your members is protected according to the GDPR norms and is securely stored and managed.

Simple privacy settings management

Adjust the privacy settings on the fly, so you and your employees always remain in control of your own data. The App even reminds you to regularly update you privacy settings. The employees themselves are the only ones who decide what others can see.

Extra secure and easy to use

The App has extra privacy settings. As an App Manager you decide if certain areas in the app that contain personal information needs extra authentication or can only be seen by authorized employees. For example, with an additional code entry for displaying personal data.

Automated password management

Never hassle with waitwooden through our fully automated processes.

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