FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

App management

How can I change the language in my App Management?
  1. In the app management, click on the email address in the upper right corner and click on “My account/My account.
  2. On the next screen, under Language, click ‘Edit/Modify’ and change the language here to the desired language.
  3. Click Save/Save to adjust the language.

App administrators

Can I create multiple App Administrators?

Within your Start/Free license, you can only have 1 App Administrator. In the Plus and Premium apps, you can create multiple App Administrators. To do this, click on an existing member and choose the Rights tab at the top. Here you can set App Administrator to YES.

The member now has App management rights and can use https://beheer.socie.nl/#/login/socie login with the own account used to log into the app as well. (The member will be notified of this)

How can I transfer App Management into a startup app?

To transfer App Management into a start App, in App Management go to Members -> and click on the member you want to make administrator. Click on the Rights tab at the top. Then click Transfer App Management.

Note that the member must be active before this works. So the new administrator must first create an account with the email address listed.

How can I change the email address of an App administrator?

From the member list, you can click on the profile and change the email address. Then click on your account at the top right and then log out. Now create an account with the email address you just entered in your profile. After logging in with this, you will get instant access to your community as an administrator.

Is it possible for an administrator to also be able to post messages in groups via a computer instead of mobile?

Messages in groups now still go through the App.

You can also install the App on a Laptop (or Ipad). Virtually all Chromebooks (Google’s laptop) and all Macbooks from an M1 processor onward can run the App. This allows App administrators and Group Administrators to use the App and post messages via laptop or Ipad as well.


How does it work with registering when you repeat events?

When you create a repeated event, the settings of the first event are carried over for all subsequent events. So also the settings regarding login. The time the sign-up period begins will be based on the time between the start time of the sign-up period and the start time of the first event. Thus, when the sign-up period begins 1 hour in advance, the sign-up period of all replays will also begin 1 hour before the start of the respective event. Participants can always add a comment when registering for an event. There is no setting to turn this off.

How do I connect my App to an external iCal feed?

It is possible to load an external iCal feed within the app, other calendar feed types are unfortunately not possible.

To do this, go to the Calendar module and click on “+ Add Feed. Give the feed a name, for example “Club Agenda,” and under URL enter the full url of the iCal feed.

Tip: check if the iCal feed meets the standard at https://icalendar.org/validator.html to make sure the feed can be loaded properly.

Click Add to add the feed to the calendar.

If the feed items are not immediately visible, open another module screen and then open the calendar again. Or click the new feed button and then click Save again or Update Now next to Status.

Events from an iCal are automatically updated a maximum of once every 2 hours.

Why are my iCal calendars no longer being retrieved?

This is probably because it failed five times in a row to retrieve the agenda. After five failed attempts, the link stops automatically retrieving the iCal calendar. In most cases, it fails to retrieve a calendar because the website, where the calendar is located, is not available. Or that it takes too long to pick up the agenda. Or that the calendar does not conform to the iCal standard.

Check with the website builder that the iCal link is still working properly.


How do I invite members to my App?

Add members to the member list by entering them manually or through an Import.

Manual invite?

Check the members you want to invite and select Invite

Automatically invite?

Go to Members -> Settings and under “New Members” check Automatic. Members are now automatically invited as soon as they are added to the member list.

How can I resend invitations to members who were previously invited?
  1. In the App administration, go to the “Member List.”
  2. Click the down arrow next to all members and select “Invited” here you select all members who have already been invited once, but are not yet using the App.
  3. Click on the “Invite” button . With that, the selected members will receive another the default invitation email for the App.
How do I make the App from closed to open / how do I allow guests?

Allowing or not allowing guest users can be set via Settings -> General -> Allow guest users. If this option is on, non-members can also access the information open to guests through App management.

For most modules, in settings, the option for “Allow guest users” can be turned on or off. Allows setting whether guest users are allowed to view the module information or not. Some modules are for members only and cannot be made available.

How can I send an invitation to join via mail?

Members can be invited through App management to start using the Socie App. It is not required to send it, members can create an account for the Socie App even without an invitation.

The email contains a default text that cannot be changed by communities.

Members who have not yet received an invitation can be emailed all at once via Members -> Invite Members at the top of the page. A mail can also be sent to a selection, this can be done by checking members in the list and clicking the Invite button above the member list.

You can also send an e-mail yourself after adding members to the member list. Once they have created an account, they can look up the community within Socie.


You can hide the link in the app via Members -> Membership Requests -> Show this link in the app? By setting these settings to NO, the invitation link will no longer be shown in the App.

How can I activate a QR code or URL so potential members can find my App?

Go to Members -> Membership Requests. Activate the module. Now you can share the QR code or link and members can make a membership request.

See also this blog.

How can I accept a membership request?

Go to Members -> Membership Requests.> Requests.


Messages in groups are not visible (anymore), how do I solve this?

Messages in groups are not visible if the Interactive Groups module is disabled. As a result, certain interactive parts of these groups are not shown. You can re-enable the module by going to the module settings and then set “Visible in the app” to VISIBLE.

How do I make a group interactive so people can post comments and messages?

Go to the settings of the group you want to make interactive and click Add Timeline.

Don’t forget to save. Note that you must activate this for each group.

How do I set up a group administrator for a group?
  1. In the App Administration at the bottom, go to Groups and click the desired group.
  2. Go to the “Members” tab and find the desired member to be administrator here
  3. Next to the name, click the crown icon and then click “Ok” in the popup screen.

The selected member is now a group administrator and can start managing the group within the Socie App. A group administrator can also archive the group.

I cannot add members to interactive groups from the app, how do I fix this?

Option 1:

When members are set to hidden in the privacy settings or when the member list is set to hidden, no members can be added to a group in the App.

The option to set the member list as hidden is often set to protect member data.

For example, to allow group administrators to have access to the member list, this can be set up through the App Administration as follows:

  1. Go to Member List -> Settings.
  2. Set the Visible option in the app to “Visible.
  3. Set the option To use by to ‘Groups’ and then choose the desired group which may view the member list in the App. These groups can be set up and managed via Groups at the bottom of the menu (above ‘Notifications’).
  1. Save the adjustments. Now only the desired group(s) will have the list visible in the App.
  2. Go to Members -> Settings -> Privacy.
  3. Set the Member Profile option to ‘Visible’ if set to ‘Hidden’.

Option 2:

If option 1 does not solve the problem, check whether the member list module has been made available only to a specific group of members.

To do this, go to Member List -> Settings and see if the “To be used by” option is set to a specific group.

RSS feeds

What is an RSS feed?

An RSS feed is a collection of the latest news items and/or articles from a website. The feed provides these messages in a standardized format. This allows another website and/or application to read the messages and provide them in its own style. With Socie, this is also possible through a News & Blogs module.

Where can I find the URL for my website's RSS feed?

How and whether an RSS feed is offered varies from site to site. Are you using WordPress? Then you can usually access the RSS feed by putting /feed after the URL of the page. Other websites display the RSS logo on a page offering an RSS feed. You can obtain the URL for the RSS feed of such a page by clicking on this logo.

How do I check if my RSS feed is working?

Check your RSS feed here : https://validator.w3.org/feed/

How do I make the images from the RSS feed show up in the app?

In the following situations, the URL of the image is inherited:

  1. The article contains an enclosure element whose type begins with image/.
  2. The article contains an enclosure element whose URL ends in .jpg, .jpeg, .png or .gif.
  3. The article contains another element (for example, media) with a URL ending in .jpg, .jpeg, .png or .gif.
  4. The description or content element contains an HTML img tag with a valid URL for an image. When an article contains both a description element and a content element, the content element will be used. So make sure the appropriate images are also in this element.
  5. The channel element containing the items contains a valid URL for an image.

Privacy and AVG

Where can I find the privacy statement?

Socie’s privacy statement can be read at


How can I use two Socie apps/accounts on my phone?

If you are a member of two or more Socie communities with the same email address, you can switch between them within the Socie app. In the App, go to the menu at the bottom right and tap Switch at the top of your profile.

When you log into the app, you will see a notification appear at the bottom of the screen showing the membership you are logged in with. By tapping this notification you can quickly switch between memberships and communities.

How do I activate a the Socie App on a new phone?
  1. You can download and install the Socie App on your new phone in the regular way.
  2. When you open the Socie App, the welcome screen is displayed.
  3. Since the App was previously activated on your old phone, choose the “Login” option .
  4. You can login with the email address and password you used to register the Socie App previously.

Forgot your password? Then click on the “Forgot your password?” link.

A member cannot log in, how do I resolve this?

If a member indicates they cannot log in, you can check the following things:

1. Verify that the email address the member uses is also the email address listed in member directory.

2. Ask if he has already created an account for the Socie App at the known email address. In fact, an account is not automatically created for members, they must do it themselves through the Socie App. They can do this by clicking Create Account on the app’s home screen .

3. Using the App Manager, look under Members to see if the member is listed. You can search by the last name or part of the e-mail address. .

4. Have the member request a new password via the App. This should then come in to the e-mail address they created the account on.

Should the above items still not solve the problem, submit a ticket to Socie. In doing so, please tell us what steps have already been tried, what the member’s e-mail address is and what brand of phone the member uses.

A member sees "no membership found" when logging in, how do I fix this?

This message is generally displayed when members try to log in with an email address that is not known in the community’s member list. Check that the email address used to log in is known in your community’s member list.

App version & phone software version

How do I install the Socie App on my smartphone?

You can find the Socie App in the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iPhone) of your smartphone or tablet. From the Store, you then have the option to download and install the Socie App.

Did you receive an invitation email? Then you can also find this information in this e-mail.

How can I tell if I have the latest version of the Socie App? Or that an update is available?

In the App store, search for “Socie” and click on the Socie App. Then you can see if an “Update” button is available. If it is not available, the latest version is installed on your device.

How can I see which version of the Socie app I have?

If you are experiencing problems with the Socie app, we would like to hear what version of the app you are using and what phone brand you have. You can look up the installed version in the Socie App as follows: In the App, go to the menu -> click on your profile picture or name > go to My Account and here you will find the “App version” at the bottom.

How can I see what software version my phone is using?


Looking up software version for Apple (anno 2021):

Go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘General’ and then tap ‘Info’ to find the software version installed on your device.


Look up software version for Android (all phones except Apple and Windows):

  1. Open the App Settings on your phone.
  2. At the bottom, tap System Advanced. System update.
  3. Check your Android version and level of security patch.


How can I set module permissions?

For most modules you can adjust the permissions regarding who can see and use the module through Settings. Here it is possible to set that all members are allowed to use the module or only specific groups.

If groups are set up, the module is visible in the App only to members within the group.

The App may need to be closed and restarted before changes in it are visible.

Go to a module’s settings and under To be used by, select the appropriate group(s).

How can I test/set up modules shielded?

You can test most modules shielded by creating a test group in the App Administration at the bottom via Groups.

To do so, click + Add Group, enter a name and click Save.

Then click on the group and in the Members tab, add your own account.

At the desired module, go to Settings. Adjust the Use by setting here to “Groups.” Then click on Add Groups and check the group you just created.

This module is now only available/visible in the App for the members who are in the test group.

How can I delete a module?

You can delete a module through its settings. A “Delete” button is available here.

After clicking the button, you must confirm the deletion before it is actually deleted. This is for additional verification, to prevent a module from being accidentally removed by a wrong click. Deleting a module also deletes all of its content.


How can I remove the publication date?

The formatting page can be found in the App Administration under Settings -> Formatting.

How can I remove the publication date?

This is possible through the “Hide publication date in list view” setting. This can be found in the module’s Settings.

How can I upgrade my Start App to a Plus or Premium App?

A the Start App can always be upgraded to a Plus, or Premium App.

You can easily arrange this through the App Management of your Socie App via License -> Change.

With the Plus App, you can use the additional features immediately after changing.

The Premium App requires contact with Socie before the additional features can be used.

I am using the Start App, can I also try the Plus App?

You can, from the dashboard in the App Manager you can start the free trial of the Plus App yourself.

Once the trial period expires, your account is automatically reset to the Start App.

Where do I find my invoice?

The invoice can be downloaded by going to License and then Licenses and Invoices on the left side of the menu.

How do I delete an App?

If you no longer wish to use the community you can delete it. To do so, go to: Settings -> Account -> Remove My App. In doing so, make sure you delete the correct App if you are the administrator of multiple Apps.

How can I change my password?

To do so, in the App Manager, click on your email at the top right of the screen -> My Account -> Change My Password.

Notifications are not arriving, how do I fix this?

Verify that the notifications for the desired module are on. It is possible to set whether or not you receive notifications for each module.

This can be set by tapping the cogwheel in the upper right corner via My Notifications.

Note -> Notifications arrive only to members who have the app installed on their phones and have created a Socie account.

Should this not solve the problem, please feel free to send us a ticket with an example where things don’t seem to be going well.

Is your question not listed?

Then send your question via ticket to Socie. You can create a ticket in App Management.

To do so, go to App Management -> Help & Support -> Add.

Before creating a ticket, always make sure you have the latest update of the Socie app installed. A screenshot, if possible, is also often very helpful in understanding the problem properly.