3,2,1 Go Socie!


At Socie, we have more than 5,000 communities and new ones are added every day.

Our platform is modern, the App is sleek and our customers super satisfied. Our goal: To make a better, more fun, more convenient and more successful Socie App! Every day. Do you also want to do something fun every day? Thinking along, fighting along and laughing along? And especially join us in occasionally transcending the earth by making dreams come true? Then come work at Socie!


Oh dear… Is your vacancy not listed, but do you think you are cut out for another role at Socie?
Then just send a message to info@socie.nl

Internship at Socie

At Socie, we are always looking for enthusiastic interns to come and help us. Doing an internship at Socie is educational, fun and a world will open up for you. You will have a lot of freedom and responsibility. And we hope for a lot of initiative.

We have internships for commerce, development, communications and more.

Do you want to do an internship? If so, please contact us.

Every day was different, new assignments, clients and challenges. Lots of responsibility and independence. Socie is not a company where they look over your shoulder or put you to work. Own initiative is expected.

Eline Rijers
Eline Rijers
Trainee Socie

Our Team

Fun things to do

At Socie, we have an enthusiastic team where fun is paramount. With a mix of Developers, Designers and Commercial people, there is always something going on. The atmosphere is dynamic with tasty tunes from our Sonos speaker by DJ Kevin.

We love making beautiful things but in our way. Good, stable, user-friendly and with modern techniques. We don’t like to duplicate things.

Oh yes, we get happy with games, happy customers who come to bring cake, shot glasses and faulty German Schlager on Friday afternoons when Jurjen hijacks the Sonos.

Het team

Our office

Het kantoor

Our office is in a prime location in Groningen!

If you come to work at the office, there is always parking for your car or bike, and Central Station is a 10-minute walk. The building itself is modern, has fine meeting rooms and a rooftop terrace. 

Almost every day we walk in the nearby City Park. For the daily dose of oxygen and nonsense. 

And should the need arise, you always have a hardware store nearby. Super convenient!

Ps: There is a secret cupboard of shot nuts in the office in the conference room (Please don’t tell).

This is a staging environment