Crowdfunding App

Use Socie App for your crowdfunding and easily raise money for goals set by you via App or webpage.


Create 1 or more crowdfunding campaigns

Within the App, you easily create 1 or more crowdfunding campaigns. If you wish, choose a target amount, term or open the crowdfunding.

Share crowdfunding via App or webpage

You can share the crowdfunding through the App or through a linked web page. This allows anyone to donate or a limited group of people.

Integration with Mollie for iDeal payments

Simply link the crowdfunding to Mollie so that all payments are made securely.

Voorbeeld Socie app stichting

Socie Crowdfunding

With the Socie App, you can easily set up a crowdfunding.

Set up within minutes

You easily set up your Socie crowdfunding App yourself with 1 or more crowdfunding goals.

Custom Crowdfunding

Minimum amounts, target amounts, reverse transaction fees,linked web page or not and more. Discover all the possibilities.

Mapping transactions

All transactions are easily found in the transaction statements.

Getting started with the Crowdfunding App? Follow these 5 steps:

1 . Activate your Socie App

Click start immediately to create your Socie Account. With that, you can log into App Management and completely set up your app.

2. Activate the Crowdfunding module.

The Socie App has a number of modules activated by default. You are free to change this. To use the crowdfunding module, it must first be activated and added to your App. It falls under the Socie Plus license.

This can be done at the bottom of App Management -> add-> activate-> add.

3. Link Mollie

Om enable payments through the App and execute your crowdfunding actions, however, an account must first be created with Mollie. You can do this through the link in the App Administration. Or visit the Mollie website.

4. Create a crowdfunding goal

After the module is added, it is time to add an action/goal/collection.

5. Share your crowdfunding

Are you ready? Then share the crowdfunding through the App or through the linked webpage so everyone can donate.

Good luck with Crowdfunding!

William van Rijn

Bring your community to fruition
with the Socie App

Questions? Please feel free to contact William to discuss the possibilities
that Socie can provide to your community.

Stronger together

As a community, association , foundation or organization, you enjoy working together toward a common goal. Raising money together for a specific cause creates team spirit, connection and togetherness.

You are looking for a way to do this in a simple, safe and accessible way. For this purpose, Socie created the crowdfunding module. This module allows you to collectively donate and raise money for your community through the App.

We wish you much success in achieving your crowdfunding goals.

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