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Personeels App voor jouw bedrijf

Companies & Personnel

The employee and staff app for your company or organization.

Muziek vereniging app

Musical groups

The App for your wind band, brass band, big band or show band

Socie app voor VVE

Owners Association

The app for buildings, neighborhoods and apartment complexes

app studentenvereniging

Student Association

The app for your study or student union

app voor netwerkorganisaties

Network organizations

Business clubs, networking clubs, business associations

Socie App voor Stichting 2


App for associations and foundations and clubs

App voor dorpen en bewoners

App for residents/villages

The App for your village, neighborhood or residential community. The app for all residents.

sportverenigings app

Sports clubs

The app for your sports club and sports team

app voor de zorg

Care and welfare

The app for healthcare institutions and healthcare organizations

Mijn RKK Socie App

Companies & Personnel

The employee and staff app for your company or organization.

An app for every community

At Socie, we work daily on App solutions for a wide variety of communities. It is impossible to capture all Socie App applications in categories. We gave it a shot, but our private group app is used by more than 4,000 communities.

Each community is unique and each is run slightly differently. Some communities are more open than others, and there are also big differences with regard to App privacy. Fortunately, the App is widely adjustable and completely self-configurable.

An app for your community

At Socie, we have a wide variety of users. Socie is used by a wide range of community types. Think of associations, foundations, networking organizations, churches, groups of friends, hamlets, VvEs, healthcare institutions, business clubs, student unions, factories, coaching organizations, choirs, theaters, music schools, golf clubs, marching bands, sports teams, St. Nicholas parades, carnival associations, shopkeepers’ associations and more.

An app full of possibilities

You can set up the Socie App all by yourself. That way you use what you want to use. Take a look at our features page to see all the ways the App can be used. You choose what you want to put in and when.

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