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“The early deployment of the Socie App allowed residents to connect with each other during the construction phase, quickly creating a sense of community.”

Back in the fall of 2022, before the homes were delivered, the Socie App was introduced to the future residents of the Haven Quarter. A new residential complex on Katendrecht, consisting of 155 apartments and 45 houses. Early use of the Socie App allowed residents to connect with each other during the construction phase, quickly creating a sense of community.

We were curious to see how the Socie App is pleasing Havenkwartier residents so far and spoke to Henk about it.

Can you tell a little more about Havenkwartier Rotterdam?

The Havenkwartier is a complex of apartments and houses on Katendrecht in Rotterdam. It is new construction, with the first apartments completed in March 2023. It involves 155 apartments and 45 houses. The entire complex is called Havenkwartier. Many residents are involved, both owners and tenants.

Why did you decide to engage Socie?

The App was deployed even before the homes were completed. By the fall of 2022, the App is already up and running. In fact, people have moved into the Haven Quarter from the nearby Fenix apartment complex. These neighbors were already familiar with the Socie App. In fact, in the Phoenix apartment complex, the Socie App is also used. At the time, these residents immediately requested that the Socie App be used for the Haven Quarter as well. We copied many ideas in terms of design from the Phoenix Socie App.

“Some things were changed in the App because I requested it,” he said.

How did the setup of the Socie App go?

I furnished it myself. I’m not clumsy with computers, but it’s straightforward. It just works. Socie’s support is also very good. If you have something, it gets picked up. Not everything, but a lot. Some things have changed because I requested it. That’s nice to see, too. The support is just fast and good. In the beginning, I did everything. Now I only do something in the App when I see someone putting something in the wrong section.

How did the rollout of the Socie App go?

Very good. There are QR codes hanging in the building. Anyone moving into the complex can enter the App. When the homes are delivered, there are naturally many questions. It could be anything. For example, “I’m looking for another wallpaperer” or “How does my thermostat work?”. It is very diverse. Residents can ask questions and share issues with each other. We now have three different sections where residents can post some of their own. The first is called “HK life,” for the fun stuff, like sharing an activity in Deli Square. The second is called “Building,” which is for asking practical questions, inquiring about malfunctions, etc. And we have HK Marketplace, where residents can sell anything to each other.


We also use a few open groups such as the Hiking Club and the Racing Cyclists, in which residents can meet to go hiking or biking together. As closed groups we have, for example, the technical committee and the parking garage. In fact, we have a shared parking garage with 150 spaces under the complex. Everyone has their own spot, but you can very easily ask in the App for an extra parking spot for a certain time, for example from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. Then there is actually always someone who is not there and then offers to use his/her spot. Then you stand in someone else’s spot for a while, which is no problem, as long as the spot is free again, when the owner returns. This is widely used and very convenient. Not everyone is in this. For this, you must sign up.

Everyone is on HK Life, Building and Marketplace and everyone is allowed to post something on them. We don’t really have an editorial board.

“We have an average of 164 users a day on the Havenkwartier App.”

How were the initial reactions to the Socie App?

So far, everyone is very positive about it. Only two people went out. They were satisfied with the App, but not with the “whining” in the App. Indeed, there are also many complaints on there, but it can also be helpful when someone responds that they have already emailed the VvE manager about a broken elevator, for example. The bill is paid by the VvE. It is very clear and not a point of discussion whether to continue with Socie. There are no doubts about it. It is a positive story.

Who manages or administers the Socie App?

There is one other administrator, but there is not that much to manage. I only add the new residents, both owners and tenants. It is a residents App, for all of us. We get an email and see if someone indeed lives here before we actually give access.

Who uses the Socie App?

All residents of Havenkwartier Rotterdam.

What are you doing to keep the Socie App relevant?

We don’t have to do anything for that. That goes without saying. We average 164 users per day!

How do you like using the Socie App so far?

Very good. What is also very convenient is that there are all kinds of manuals in the App. For example, “How does the thermostat work?” and “How does the intercom work?” etc. After all, we all have the same one. The by-laws are also in the App. Also special is the HK guard. This is a group that does regular inspections through the stairwell. Then we also have Parcels + Lost & Found. If you have lost something, you can report it here. Even if you have accepted a package for someone else, for example, “There is another package here for number 107.” It is used every day. Very handy. In the beginning, we also had a Google document to indicate when you are moving so that not everyone goes at the same time. That would not be convenient, which is why there was a link in the App. The poll and photo albums will not be used.

Havenkwartier 4
Havenkwartier 5

“Would you do this in WhatsApp, nobody reads anything. That will be a mess.”

What does the Socie App provide?

Actually, quite a lot. If you have any questions, you can put them in the App. At the same time, you also quickly get to know your neighbors. It is a new building. No one knows anyone. You have names and see pictures. You also see the names of people who can or want something. If you ask, “Who wants to help sometime when a lamp is broken?”, all kinds of people offer themselves. You build a community so quickly. That’s basically the summary.

What do you find the most useful feature or opportunity of the Socie App?

Posting in the various groups. We could also all go into WhatsApp together, but that won’t get us anywhere. In fact, the beauty of this is that you can deploy certain modules in different ways and organize messages within these sections. And the nice thing is that you can respond to those posts again. It is so uncluttered. Were you to do this in WhatsApp, no one would read anything. That’s going to be a mess. The communication about practical things is very nice. The requests about parking spots are mega-used. This is very clear in an App. 

Would you recommend the Socie App to other organizations? 

Sure. When someone from the Zuidkade in Scheveningen asked for information about Socie, I showed it to them. Then, more than a year before completion, South Quay has already begun using the Socie App. After the first year, the developer took over. They were very enthusiastic. For project developers, I can definitely recommend it.

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