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“Everyone finds the App easy to work with and they would be sad to see us continue without Socie, so we’ll just leave it in.”

The Socie Community platform is regularly used to get people playing sports with each other. A great example is the running group Run 2B Fit from Deventer. They have been using the Free Socie App for their running groups for years. Time to get acquainted!

Hello Marloes, who are you and what do you do?

I am Marloes de Booij and I am a Media teacher at the Cibap in Zwolle. I also have a 2-year-old son and have been a running coach for over 9 years.

This is a hobby that got out of hand. I set up RUN 2B FIT and am its owner and trainer. In addition, there are three other trainers.

I designed the website and make sure it stays relevant and up-to-date.

Marloes Run 2Be fit

Can you tell a little more about RUN 2B FIT?

At RUN 2B FIT, we have 4 trainer and about 50 members. These are both men and women, of different ages. On average, around 20 people attend the training. Because they sign up through the Socie App, if the groups are too large, we can split the group. Then we put in 2 trainers. We train every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

How long have you been using the App?

For a few years now, we have been using the App. I first started to try this out myself. I was surprised that the App is free. While trying out the App, I noticed that it could probably be a good fit for our running group. This is true in practice, it makes everything just a little more professional. I still looked at Socie Plus, but I don’t think this is necessary for us.

Why was the decision made at the time to deploy an App?

We only used WhatsApp at first. But it’s nice to know how many people sign up for the training. This feature is most commonly used in the Socie App. It also works to encourage each other when members know who is coming. In addition to the Socie App, we also use WhatsApp. We even have 2 more WhatsApp groups. In this, members arrange, for example, to carpool to a run.

Run2befit trainers

How did the roll-out of the App go?

All participants use the Socie App. The welcome email for new members immediately tells them that they can sign up for the Socie App and how it works. There have never been any questions about this. Apparently it is clear enough to everyone how the Socie App works.

How are the reactions about the App?

Everyone finds the App easy to work with and they would be sorry if we went on without Socie, so we just leave it in. It is an easy and clear App. People have no questions about this. 

Who manages the App? 

I myself am the App administrator. I have little work to do with it, but do regularly update everything to keep it up to date.

How do you like the App? 

I really like the App. It is clear to everyone and it is stimulating. People also feel a stick when they have signed up. Most people like that.

What are you doing to keep the App relevant? 

I put pictures in the App. Also sometimes a poll. And in addition, of course, the training sessions. 

Could you recommend the App to other organizations? 
Yes. Its use is easy and convenient for members.

What are you doing to maintain membership? Or grow?

I have a site that is clear and uncluttered. I make sure the website is highly visible on Google. Besides being easy to find, I am also one of the cheaper running groups. In addition, I was the first running group in Deventer.
The first year I trained with only 1 other man. Then a group of women joined them. Then we grew to about 50 members. This has remained almost constant. This is a nice number. There is no ambition to grow.

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