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KP Holland gebruikt de Socie App

“We have created a gathering place for all important documents and are connecting employees by organizing the vitality program through the App, for example.”

About KP Holland

KP Holland is a family business that has been growing plants in the Westland region since 1950, making it a well-known name in the flower and plant world. With over 140 employees, 16 hectares of greenhouse cultivation spread over 7 locations, more than 32 million plants are grown, cultivated and sold each year. Mainly Spathiphyllum, Kalanchoe and Curcuma.

KP Holland has been using the Socie App since 2021. The App is managed by Marissa and Lynn. Marissa does the marketing and communications and is mainly responsible for adding new employees and posting new jobs in the App. Lynn works as an HR assistant and is in charge of posting news items and scheduling activities around her own KP Holland vitality program in the App.

Why did KP Holland start using an App?

“We have been using Intranet for many years and we also have an employee newsletter. The messages on Intranet are visible to all employees on large screens in our canteen and office workers can also see the messages on their own computers. Because there are also colleagues who are not physically present at the company on a daily basis, we were looking for a means of communication that was not tied to time or place and that could keep employees well informed of current developments. Eventually we came to the idea of an App and then chose the Socie App.”

What do you use the Socie App for?

“Especially for sharing news items that we also have on Intranet. We also share job openings through the App and keep employees informed about activities. An example is the activities from the vitality program that we have started for employees. In addition, the employee handbook is in the App, where employees can find how to request time off, for example. Finally, we share the newsletter through the App in addition to the mail. The App is really our central communication platform where we collect all communication.”

Who manages the app?

Marissa: “We do that together; we both have our own tasks. For example, Lynn handles the news items and the calendar. I also arrange for employees to be added in the App and for vacancies to be posted in the App.”


Is the App used by the whole company or only by a specific group?

“Yes the App is used throughout the company. We have one App for all locations together. The App is used as an umbrella tool for all locations and departments. From laboratory to production and office, everyone has access and uses the same App. There is still a small group that has chosen not to use the App. We have noticed that new employees also like to read in the App what is happening in the company. That way they quickly know what’s going on.”

How do you like the App?

Marissa: “Good. The App is a handy addition for us, very clear and easy to use. It is also nice that users can choose which news items they follow by turning on notifications for those items. Employees don’t miss anything because of the App and even at home you stay informed of great news. A colleague’s anniversary, for example, or fun outings from the locations.”

What is the App called with you?

“We just call it the Socie App or Socie.”

What do you do to keep the App relevant among staff?

“We post news items daily, add new employees immediately and also post our newsletter in the App. And all activities, of course.”

How do you encourage employees to use the App?

“We make it THE place for employees, where employees can find all the news and where they can access important information like the employee handbook. Furthermore, we ensure that new employees are added as soon as possible. We have found that posting news items just before the break also causes colleagues to read and discuss these posts.”


What has the App given you? or what does the App provide you?

“Especially convenience. We can now reach all employees in 1x. We have created a gathering place for all important documents and make connections between employees by, for example, organizing the vitality program through the App.”

Which feature is used the most?

Calendar, news & blogs and job postings.

What do you think is the most useful feature of the App?

“Personally, we find the activity calendar and the news modules the most useful,” he said. Lynn: “I also always enjoy reading the news myself. It’s also almost always about something positive, births, anniversaries, get-togethers et cetera.”

What do employees think of the App?

Lynn: “We get nice feedback, people find it convenient and fun. I also often hear when I’m in the cafeteria that employees are talking about things they’ve seen in the App and that, again, lets us know that the App works. Moreover, new employees are often very curious about the App and the App is quickly installed. Mostly because they are curious about where they are going to work.”

Do you recommend the Socie App to other companies?

“Yes indeed, we are very happy with it.”

Pictured are Marissa Kloppers (Marketing and communications) and Lynn Verheij (HR assistant)

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