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“We wanted not only to bring something new, but also to encourage mutual interaction between our members. You can really see the latter in the statistics of app usage.”

Norbert Reijngoud fills the role of board member “communications” at Ondernemend Dijk en Waard. He sees communication not only as sending, but also as receiving and interacting.

Immediately after the merger of three business associations, in January 2023, the Socie App was deployed.

We were curious to see how the Socie App is faring so far at the business association and spoke to Norbert about it.


Can you tell a little more about Entrepreneurial Dike and Worth?

Ondernemend Dijk en Waard is a business association with more than 400 entrepreneurs. Our members represent a very wide range of business activities and offer a huge variety of products and services. By connecting members and sharing information, we strive to improve the business climate in our community.

Why did you decide to deploy an app?

In January 2023, we merged from three to one association. Then we also wanted to introduce something new right away. Within the association world, an app is usually seen as something new, though, so it seemed like a good time to get started. We wanted not only to bring something new, but also to encourage mutual interaction among our members. You can really see the latter in the statistics of app usage.

How do you deploy the Socie App?

The app is primarily used by our members to easily find each other through the membership directory and for registering events. These two things are also immediately used the most. We also publish photos of events and news items in the app. Furthermore, we linked the news feed of entrepreneurial news from MKB Nederland to the app. Surprisingly, that feed is also rated as added value by our members.

We also use the platform to post the minutes of the annual meetings. These are not on our website but only in the app.
The website is more for non-members. There we will tell you who and what we are and why you should become a member. The Socie App is a platform for members. So internal information cannot be found on the website. This was also an immediate stick for business owners to start using the app.


How did the setup of the Socie App go?

Pretty easy. I had the app ready in three hours in our house style. Implementing the member list took a little more time because we decided to also centrally post the LinkedIn photos of all members. In this way, you have immediately filled about 95% of all profile pictures. When you leave it up to the members themselves almost no one is going to do it because the other person hasn’t done it either. Most people join a business association precisely to be found by others, so we felt we could do that. Should anyone not want it, they can remove the photo themselves. This has not happened to date. That says it all.

How did the rollout of the Socie App go?

It had been announced in advance, through various channels. Then it was a matter of sending emails to members and then installing. That went surprisingly smoothly. A small group of members still have not installed the app. This refers to those members who are not otherwise actively involved in the association and primarily want to support us financially. With new members, it is clear that the app belongs. They are helped and encouraged to install the app in the “onboarding” process.

How were the initial reactions to the Socie App?

Well, that was quite surprising. The app was self-explaining and people were really happy to have such easy access to everything they needed. The ease of use is nice. Almost everyone understands how it works and what to do. A few people needed a little more help, especially to show the hidden features. Finally, we have a few people who refuse to install the app. That is their choice and we respect it.

Who manages or administers the Socie App?

We have someone who manages the membership list and puts the events in there. We also have someone who fills the news releases and posts the photos of the events. I did the setup of the app myself. I am now needed only when things are not running or when we want to add new features.

Who uses the Socie App?

The members of the association, the entrepreneurs themselves. We put it exclusively as a part of the association under the motto that you always have ±400 members in your pocket.

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What are you doing to keep the Socie App relevant?

We regularly post news items, event announcements and our photo book can be found there. News items relevant to us from SME Netherlands are automatically loaded into the app.

How do you like using the Socie App so far?

Very good. I get an email every month where I can see how the app is being used, which is often. In addition, I am in a position where problems are mostly reported to me and I don’t hear those noises.

What does the Socie App provide?

Greater engagement. People know how to find each other better, it’s so easy. The smartphone is in your pocket. Surely that’s a big difference from the website. It comes to you more and you have something tangible with you that only members have access to.


What do you find the most useful feature or opportunity of the Socie App?

The ability to register events. This is really very easy as a member but also as an administrator.

Would you recommend the Socie App to other organizations?

Yes. We are very satisfied, also because of the pricing by paying per installation and not per member. Another provider with a similar app is quite active in the business world, but there you pay per user. Then with our number of members it would be as much as 3-4 times more expensive. That while that app can basically do the same thing and we can think of what more fun things to do with that money.

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