Socie update 4.10.0



  • Entry of access code possible during community search in the App: Users will have the option of entering the access code when the community is found via search in the App starting from the new update.
  • Extra white space around photos: In all Apps, we have added white space between photos.
  • The WhatsApp link now works on a Mac.
  • The text in the Share your moment module is modified if you are not authorized to post.

Scipio App (

  • When you find a church via “search for churches” that has access requests turned on, you are immediately given the option to enter the access code.
  • A change has been made regarding the count and display of the number of group members to avoid confusion.

ClubApp (AllUnited ClubApp)


  • Family Structures in the App (ClubApp): Family structures have been added within the Clubapp. Family members are visible on members’ profiles. Families can additionally be shown together in member lists.
  • Family member sign up to event (ClubApp): A family head can register family members to events created in the app. This feature is optional to set during event creation.

Service planner

  • Showing teams on (bar) shifts (ClubApp): It is now possible to show a team when it is scheduled.
  • General text added to a service (ClubApp): It is now possible to add a general text to a service.
  • Show enrolled members in list view of services module while registration period is off (ClubApp).


  • Extra information for trainers when monitoring attendance via the attendance list (ClubApp): A lot of additional information is shown for trainers about the participants of the lesson, course or training from the new update.
  • Member can add additional comment to a training, class or course (ClubApp): A member can add additional information to a series of trainings, lessons or courses.
  • Trainer can add additional comment to a workout, lesson or course (ClubApp): A trainer can add additional information to a series of trainings, lessons or courses.


  • Open URLs outside the app from the PWAs (ClubApp): It is now possible to open external URLs from an integrated PWA.

Various minor fixes and improvements.

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