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How a village in Switzerland uses Socie

The Swiss mountain village of Kobelwald has its own Socie App for all village communications. In the App, all residents of the mountain village can find information about the village and connect with each other. In addition to the latest news and all events, the App also includes photo albums. There is also a Village Marketplace where items are offered for sale and a place where all residents can share things such as photos, information and much more. 

In this Article in the Rheintaler explains exactly how the app is being used to connect the residents of this Swiss Village. If you can’t open the article read this news item from the Kobelwald website.

Adoption of the Village App within the community is incredibly high. This is partly due to the project group that has done a good job of bringing the App to the public’s attention. Franziska Stieger is pleased with the Socie App. “You can use the Socie app as one of the few app solution for villages to choose which components to use. You can configure the app yourself according to what is needed and so we customize the app to the needs of the village”; Aldus Franziska. She compared 10 App solutions for villages and municipalities and chose Socie. The app was used more than 60,000 times by 2023 by the village of 300 residents.   

Why a Community App for Villages?

More involved residents

A community app for villages and towns is a great way to connect and engage residents in their communities. With the Socie app, among other things, residents can easily exchange information about local events, supply and demand in the neighborhood, or even organize neighborhood work groups.

Social cohesion

One of the main benefits of a community app for villages and towns is that it strengthens social cohesion. Residents can meet and collaborate on projects important to their community. For example, organizing a neighborhood festival, setting up a neighborhood association or starting a neighborhood working group to improve the living environment.

Efficiency of municipal services

In addition, the Socie app can also contribute to the efficiency of municipal services. Residents can use the app to easily report neighborhood problems, such as dilapidated properties, traffic congestion or public lighting that is not working. The municipality can then process and resolve these reports quickly and efficiently.

Space for local entrepreneurs

Another great benefit of an app for villages and towns is that it provides a platform for local business owners to present themselves and offer their products or services. This can boost the local economy and contribute to the livability of a village or community.

More engagement

Finally, the Socie app can also play a role in reducing loneliness among the elderly. Engaging them in the community and giving them opportunities to connect with other residents can reduce loneliness.

In summary, a community app for villages or towns offers many benefits for both residents and the municipality. It strengthens social cohesion, improves the efficiency of municipal services, supports local entrepreneurs and can help reduce loneliness among the elderly.

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