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"The App provides convenience and more connection. It's nice to share things together, posting pictures and music tracks is very easy."

Hinke Blok from Veenendaal (married to Simon) has 3 beautiful children. In addition to caring for the family, she works as a placement coordinator at HipHelpt. She also volunteers at church, with Every Day New and with the Moeskruid Bible reading group. There she manages the Socie App and writes Bible studies.

Can you tell a little more about Bible reading group Moeskruid?
Moeskruid Bible Group was created after Elise Pater wrote the booklet “Moeskruid.” In the back of this booklet, people could respond. There were many responses and people asked for more studies. Whatsapp soon proved inadequate for all the reactions and discussions. The Socie App proved to be the most appropriate App for the Bible study group. We have been using the App for several years now to our complete satisfaction.

Why was the decision made at the time to deploy an App?
Socie App was easy for us. We no longer have to use our private numbers to register, and as administrators we can plan and prepare everything ahead. The App is now available to all members. Some members choose e-mail. That, too, is possible. Most now use the Socie App.

How did the rollout of the App go?

It was a bit of a transition, but in the end it went well. Elise did spend some time with it initially. There were about 1000 members by then. There are now over 3300 members.

About the Socie App, by the way, we get hardly any reactions. Comments are only about content. Apparently, the Socie App is clear to members and there are no questions about it.

How do you like the App?
There are regular comments that people like getting a notification (push message). Thus, they are reminded that they have not yet taken Silent Time, for example. “Sharing together” feature is also appreciated. It is a means of encouragement, support and contact. It is nice for members to be able to respond to each other.

How do you deploy the App?
We use only the daily Bible studies and the Share Together feature. Every day a study is posted with questions about a Bible passage and every weekend there will be a “Weekend Message.”

Will the App be used by everyone or only by a specific group?
We have no subgroups. Everyone who signs up will join the Mushroom Bible Reading Group. The App is for any interested person, but in practice about 99% are women.

What are you doing to keep the App relevant?
Actively we do little in this. It often goes through, through. Only on Instagram and on the Friend’s Email is it mentioned when a new Bible book is covered. This is often an opportune time to join.

What has the App given you?
I really like the App. The App delivers convenience and more connection. We can easily reach members and they can communicate well among themselves. It is nice to share things together, posting photos and music tracks is very easy. I also hear from members that they enjoy contributing themselves.

I also really like the feature that the “Notification” stays on, that way you are reminded that the Quiet Time is still to be taken.

Could you recommend the App to other organizations?
Yes indeed, because the Socie App is very easy to use. For members, it’s easy.

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