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Together we are stronger. That’s why we like to be part of communities. Whether at work, at the association or in the neighborhood, we can help, activate and inspire each other. Whether you are within your community doing things together, having discussions, organizing fun activities or discussing tasks, working together brings the best results.

Connecting people in their own groups

To simplify and support these collaborations and connections, we have developed the groups module in the App. (Check all Socie features here) A safe place where you can be interactive with a group of people. Want to know more about the groups module? Then read on quickly.

What are groups and what can you do with groups?

In the Socie App, you can activate the groups module. In this module you can create (open or closed) subgroups in which members can share messages, media and documents with each other within their own group or groups. The first screen of the groups module consists of a timeline of all posts from the groups you are a member of. Through this screen, members can also go directly to their last used groups, discover groups and create a group.

Open and closed groups

You can create two different types of groups within the App, open or closed groups. Open groups allow anyone to join, in closed groups the group administrator can add/invite people to join the group or members can make a membership request and the group administrator can approve it. For private groups, it is also possible to set the group to hidden, so that only members who are members of the group can see the group.

For example, consider the board, management or a committee that wants its own group to communicate where non-members do not need to know it exists.

So these private groups also allow you to communicate safely and securely in groups that are not visible to others within the same App.

Voorbeeld Groepenmodule Socie
Groepen zoeken in de Socie App

Who do you allow to create and manage groups?

Within the Socie App, you have the option to take on the management of the App groups as App administrator(s), but you can also let the community itself do this. In fact, you can make sure that all community members can create their own groups and act as group administrators there.

This creates a very lively community in which members can create their own subgroups to have discussions, share documents and appointments as groups for which people can sign up.

Putting the creation of groups publicly can be somewhat exciting at first, but it does ensure that the App is more likely to become a replacement for the many WhatsApp groups created and used outside your community.

Groepen aanmaken in een app

Group Administrators

Groups can thus be created through both management and in the App. When someone creates a group then that person also becomes the group administrator by default. An App Administrator can also designate (additional) administrators for a group. Each group has at least one group administrator.

A group administrator can do the following things within his group:

  • Invite and remove members from the group
  • Accept and remove membership requests for the group
  • Making group members administrators and removing them as administrators
  • Changing the group name and description
  • Choosing another group color
  • Changing the group image
  • Customize access and visibility

The App Administrator can also modify these things and also has access to the group within Management.

Handy! Plate something as a group, for example, from your board or management.

Another advantage of Groups is that, if activated, you can post your messages in the App as a Group. For example, you can post as a board.

Follow the groups you want

Each group has its own name, description, group color and group image. In the group, all members can share messages with each other containing photos, videos and documents. Other members can respond to this or post an emoticon.

The App Administrator can choose to add people to groups through App management or from within the app. As an App user, you can also search for groups of interest and if this is set, submit a membership request or become a member if the group is free to join. You can specify in the groups where you are active whether you want notifications when there are new posts.

Even events, meetings, get-togethers and more, organize them in your own group.

Events and agenda items can also be created within groups. This makes it easy to plan activities for only the members of that group. Both group administrators and members can add events to the group. In these events, you can set the following things:

  • Event name
  • Date and time
  • Location
  • What it is (description)
  • Repeat
  • Image
  • Presence
  • Posting on the timeline
Verjaardag plannen in app

At ”My Events” you will see a list of all events from the groups you are a member of. Here you can also always quickly and easily see which people have signed up for an event.

The groups module provides more connection, activate it now!

Get more connected within your community with the groups module. Add the module in the App management and take advantage of the opportunities to collaborate in the groups module. Make your App and community a success by increasing connection and interaction.

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