Easily manage your privacy settings

As of version 4.1.0, the apps offer more control over the visibility of your data in the app. This allows you to set who can see your profile and what data is visible. This blog post tells you everything you need to know.

The onboarding

After updating the app to version 4.1.0, every member, from a community that allows viewing profiles, will see an onboarding screen. This screen is intended to alert users to the current visibility of their profile. For existing users, this shows the visibility they had already set themselves. For users opening app for the first time, here is the suggested visibility of the app administrator. This setting can be changed by the administrator in the App Administration via Members -> Settings -> Privacy -> Suggested Visibility.

Decide who can see what

The screen used to manage privacy settings has been expanded. The top option of this screen lets you control who gets to see your profile. Here the following can be chosen from:

  • All members; Logged-in members of your community can view your profile.
  • My groups; Members of the groups you are a member of can view your profile.
  • Specific groups; Only members of selected groups can view your profile.
  • No one; Other members cannot view your profile.

You can also set what information is shown on your profile. It is possible to hide or reveal each field individually. Changing these settings may affect other places in the app. For example, hiding your date of birth prevents you from showing up in the birthdays module.

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