Socie in 2023 & looking ahead to 2024

Socie in 2023

January 2024. Time flies. Last year we wrote a blog about Socie and Figures. This year we are doing it over thin with an even better feeling! We leave behind a fantastic 2023 and look ahead to 2024 with some mega cool Socie expansions.

What we are proud of
A huge professionalization effort
Growth growth growth and more growth
A bigger team & bigger office
And especially big plans

But first we’d like to take you through some notable, fun and instructive statistics.

Sessions (+35%)

37 million

From 28 to 37 million App session. On average, our platform is used 104,000 times a day.



As many as 180,000 events were created in Socie Apps in 2023.



Within our communities, there have been nearly 2 million interactions in the past year. If that’s not connecting!

Easter Egg


Our Easter Egg was found twice as often this year as in 2023. Have you found it yet and made a celebration of your day?

Socie platform is being used more and more and better.

With over 37 million sessions, the App was accessed more than 104,000 times daily this year. Three soccer stadiums full! Every day. But for us, it only feels like the beginning. For example, the App is increasingly being used internationally and we see tremendous growth opportunities here.

Most done actions in the App in 2023

After the number of sessions, it’s always fun to take a look back at how popular the App is and what actions were done the most in 2023. Here are the five most-used features of our Community App:

The top 5 of 2023:

  • 🔍 1. Search the list of members
  • 📬 2. Open notifications
  • 📥 3. To download a file
  • 😀 4. Emoji added
  • 💵 5. Made a donation

Zoeken in the membership list with a bullet at number 1

Searching member lists is number one this year. It shows the strength of our platform and it’s nice that the App is being used for what we once intended it to be used for. Making connections.

Notable statistics

  • The most popular day to open the Socie App is Monday! Platform-wide, this is on Sunday.
  • Most popular time to open the App is: Between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m.
  • Our Easter Egg has been found by 110 users in the past year.

Take advantage of it when you start sending Push notifications or looking for companions. Then look for them on Monday evenings between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m.!

Socie App expanded significantly in 2023

In terms of developments, we have added some valuable features this year. We did that in multiple App releases.

Some of the new features we added this year:

  • A completely revamped crowdfunding module
  • The location module with adding locations and the ability to show community members on the map
  • Adding agenda items in interactive groups
  • Be able to add agenda items directly from the app
  • Search functions for news & documents
  • Linking files to news & events
  • New display of repeated events
  • Show number of unread messages in your interactives groups
  • Various improvements for Voice over App capabilities on iOS for the blind and visually impaired including: Passwords, accounts, notification options & member list
  • Youtube video preview feature added in the moments module

And much more. Check out the release page!

Socie organization more professional and secure

This year we invested heavily to make the organization good and scalable.

New faces at Socie

We recently added three new developers to the development team, making us look forward to 2024 with even more confidence. Soon our team will also be expanded with a junior community specialist.

Pentest on Socie platform

Safety is one of the most important aspects for and at Socie. This year we had a strict security audit (pen test) performed and we passed it with flying colors. It gives us confidence in the future, where data is in good hands with us.

We also tightened up our internal processes considerably and started to administer and monitor all our processes in Jira.

Looking ahead to 2024 with the Socie roadmap

This is what we are going to make!

We have created a roadmap for 2024, which includes four major pillars. Two of these pillars we can already share with you.

– A completely revamped App Management

Socie App Management is getting a complete metamorphosis. With this we are going to further simplify the work for App Administrators and create space for many new possibilities. Management will be more user-friendly, clearer and more statistics will be available. So that an app administrator can get even more insight. In addition, this App Management will advise and proactively support app administrators.

– Socie Tasks module

We believe in the power of connection. Community members often prove very willing to help each other. Just finding each other is often a challenge.

We are going to support that! Helping each other or helping others will soon become a lot more accessible. The Socie task module is going to create a totally new world where supply and demand come together, are matched and where tasks can be performed easily.

The new tasks module strengthens the interconnection and provides an easy way to ask for help, give help and for coordinators, manage tasks.

Whether pouring coffee, organizing a meeting, tasks around a service, or supporting members who need help. There are lots of small and large tasks that can be picked up and scheduled within communities.

What else can you expect in 2024?

In addition to the new App Management and task module, two more major developments are coming. Socie is becoming even more accessible, interactive and fun to use! We’ll keep you in suspense for a while, but you’ll be informed in detail later this year.

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