Collection/Crowdfunding update #2

In App version 4.4.4, we have again added useful new features for the crowdfunding/collection module. At the request of customers and partners, we have added three features:

Set transaction fees per transaction.

In fact, in this new version you can set transaction fees per transaction. This allows you to shift transaction fees to the donor for each donation or collection, and you choose the amount of this fee. Transaction fees are clearly displayed in both the App and web module. As an App Administrator, you can also choose to have the transaction fees optionally paid by the giver. This option is then on by default but the giver can then turn it off.

Share goals via Link or QR code

In addition, your community now easily shares goals via Whatsapp, text or email to anyone they want. This allows you to share goals outside your community to appeal to a larger audience. So you easily share your web link with grandparents, friends or your team. Or you let people scan the QR code to give directly. Goal -> More donors!

Transaction statements expanded

And of course, we’ve also expanded the transaction statements to include your transaction fees so you know exactly what you spent. Retrievable from the App via ‘transactions’.

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