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Ben Looking for ways to make your community even more vibrant and interactive? Then read this blog where we gather all of Socie’s valuable tips to help you keep your community thriving. Stay tuned as each new “Tip from Socie” is added to this blog so that eventually there will be a complete overview of all the tips from Socie to help your community thrive!

Socie’s tips:

1. Create and manage events & calendar items

2. Add additional member information

3. Make use of the Birthdays module

4. Look at your community app statistics

1. Create and manage events & calendar items

Want more App visitors? Make the Socie App the place where all events can be found around your community! How? You can read about that here.

By using the “My Events Module,” you will never miss an important agenda item/event again and be sure that all members are informed.

Creating events in the general calendar

As an app administrator, you easily create an event in the app for your team outing, meeting, reunion, game, rehearsal and all other activities. You can also do this easily in the App itself.

Create events in your own groups

It is also possible to create a specific event within an interactive group that is relevant to that group. Read how to create events and agenda items in interactive groups in this blog .

All events in 1 overview for your members

The ‘My events module’ collects all agenda items/events and places them under ‘My events’. This includes general agenda items/events as well as those created within groups you are a member of. This way you always have a handy overview with all relevant agenda items/events in one place.

Tip: Use the login feature

To increase interaction and gain insight into which members are and are not coming, one option is to use the sign-in feature. When using this feature, members can enter the following: present, maybe or absent. It is also possible to set a limit on the number of members who can click “present,” for example, when there is a maximum number of people who can participate. Automatic reminders around events/agenda items are sent to members.

Import events and appointments

Do you have external agendas you would like to display in Socie? That too is possible. Make sure you have an iCal link. You can import these into a calendar so that these items can also be found in the Socie App.

Setting who can add events

You can set whether all members can add events to the calendar themselves, or whether this ability is limited to group administrators or app administrators. Within a group, you also have the option to determine whether only group administrators can add events, or whether this is open to all group members.

Are you ready?

Creating events promotes engagement and makes it easier for members to get together and organize activities within their groups. This contributes to a thriving community!

Want to know more? Then read our blog on how to make the most of the Socie events/agenda functionalityhere.

2. Add additional member information

Want to share more information about members with the rest of your community so people can find members to connect with right away? Add additional relevant member information!

Add additional fields to member profiles

Adding additional fields to a member profile allows members to add specific information to the profile. This is a powerful way to learn more about the diversity and interests of the members in your community.

This is how to add additional fields: Socie provides an easy way for app administrators to add additional fields in the app management at Members → Settings → Additional Fields → + Add.

By using this feature, a more detailed and personal profile is created. This additional information can range from the members’ jobs or location of employment to their hobbies, favorite vacation destination and other interesting facts they would like to share within the community.

The benefits of additional member information

Adding additional member information has several advantages. First, it helps create connection by allowing members to learn more about each other. In addition, it is also a handy feature to find members with the same expertise or interests, for example.

In short, adding additional member information increases engagement and connectedness within the community, as well as the use of the App itself. By giving members the ability to add specific information about themselves, they are encouraged to use the App as a tool to find members with the same, or just a different job, for example. This contributes to a thriving community!

Extra lidinformatie
Extra lidinformatie

Tip: Show an additional field below the member name in the member list

Want to make sure members can find each other on specific information? Then add an additional field Add as a subtitle to the membership list. In fact, once you do this, people can search the App on this additional field.

For example, members can search by interests, hobbies, apartment numbers, playing strengths, company name and more.

To set an additional field as a subtitle go to: Members → Settings → General. Under ‘subtitle with the member’, choose your own field here.

3. Make use of the Birthdays module

Want more App visitors? And at the same time ensure that one never forgets another birthday? Make the Socie App your community birthday calendar!

With the Socie Birthdays module, you have a digital birthday calendar.

The Birthdays module is an addition to your community that lets you never forget a birthday again. With this module, you can not only keep track of your members’ birthdays, but also congratulate them personally directly in the App.

Socie sends you a notification when it’s someone’s birthday!

Another useful feature of the Birthdays module is the ability to set up notifications so that you get a notification in the morning when members have their birthdays. This way, you are never late congratulating someone again. Birthday members will feel extra appreciated within the community.

In short, the Birthdays module is not only a useful tool for keeping track of birthdays, but also a way to increase interaction within your community.


Tip: Smartly choose the number of days for a birthday announcement

Within Socie, you can set how long in advance a birthday will be announced. If you have a large community, shorten this period. If you have a small community, put this period a little longer.

4. Look at your community app statistics

Want to find out how active the members of your community are? And would you like to gain insight into what your members are doing within the app? Then take a look at your community app statistics!

Setting up the Socie App is a process. As an app administrator, it is important to gain insight into what does and does not resonate with your community members within the app. A valuable tool in this process is statistics.

The possibilities of statistics

With Socie, as an app administrator, you have the ability to keep detailed statistics on app usage. With these statistics, you can gain valuable insights into your members’ behavior and can communicate more effectively and increase engagement.

  • See how often parts are visited in the app

Through app management, you can easily get an overview of activity within your community. For example, you can see how many sessions there have been within a certain amount of time, indicating how often members have opened and used the app. In addition, you can see the number of users, which refers to the total number of members who have used the app. You can also see which parts of the app they use the most, such as the calendar or the groups module, giving insight into the app’s most popular modules.

  • See what community members are doing within the app

In addition, Socie offers the ability to track specific user actions, such as opening a social URL, searching the member list, adding an emoji or creating an event.

Tip: Find out which days/times your members are most active. Based on this, you can post at times when your members are most active. This increases the visibility of posts. 

Added value of statistics

So regularly reviewing and analyzing the statistics adds value to your community. It allows you to optimize your communication strategy, better respond to your members’ needs and increase engagement and activity within your community.

Tip: It can also add value for sponsors to gain insight into the app’s statistics. When they know which modules are most used, sponsors can place more targeted ads within the app.

With Socie’s extensive statistics functionality, you have all the tools at your disposal to measure the success of your community and increase interaction.


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