Create events and agenda items in interactive groups

agendapunten aanmaken

As of App version 4.5.0, we have a new feature to bring your communities to life. In fact, as of this update, you can have events and agenda items added to interactive groups.

Let group administrators or members plan their own events.

As of now, it is possible for group administrators and members to add events to the interactive groups. With this, we facilitate the easy creation of events within your community. So more connection and more convenience.

Sign up for events and many more options

When creating an event to an interactive group, one can choose the following settings:

– Event name

– Duration (full day or time frame)

– Repeat

– Image

– Location

– Description


– Post on timeline (yes/no)

– Report attendance (yes/no)

— Type of presence

— Attendance from – to

— Anonymous login (yes/no)

More Community, more doing together.

Being able to add events within the interactive groups is yet another feature that allows us to enhance the community feel and make it easier to connect. You create a bbq, team outing, meeting, competition, family dinner, meeting, etc. in no time.

Have fun with this new functionality!

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Release notes

Socie Update 4.5.1

App Added document search feature: You can now search documents in the App  Added news search feature: You can now search news