Is Socie an alternative to WhatsApp?

Socie Alternatief WhatsApp

At many organizations use WhatsApp for group communication. A familiar, accessible and simple way to keep in touch. At Socie, we are very frequently asked if Socie is an alternative to WhatsApp.

In this blog, we will explore the similarities and differences between Socie and WhatsApp and how they can be used side by side.

In brief

In short, WhatsApp is an accepted, simple and well-known tool that focuses mainly on 1-to-1 or group communication. The structure of WhatsApp is different from Socie. The initiative and direction around chats often comes from the individual or a group of individuals who seek connection independently and without the knowledge of the organization. Another difference is that in terms of privacy, you as a community (organization) have no control over your members with WhatsApp.

Socie is a much broader solution. It is the place where everything comes together around your community. A starting point in your information search and the place for interaction and connection with other community members.

Socie brings together all kinds of opportunities. Think about creating events, (shared) calendars, documents (categorized), photo albums and much more.

So Socie is not a “replacement” for WhatsApp, but it can add tremendous value if you want to create a place as a community where your community members can find everything back around your community. It is also the place to securely connect your members from your own community rules. For example, you can report unwanted content in Socie.

Socie is less the place for “geekiness” and thousands of GIFs, though. It is a place where people help, support, connect and inspire each other together. A place of quality connection.

The main differences

Although Socie and WhatsApp are both focused on communication and offer the ability to share messages and photos, there are significant differences between the two platforms.


  • Socie is more than a simple group communication app. Socie is a platform specifically designed to connect, organize and engage communities.
  • Socie offers more than just direct communication. It allows users to share news, blogs, photos and documents, with the goal of keeping communities vibrant and current.
  • Users can organize events, send push notifications and manage (shared) calendars.
  • Setting up the Socie App is done by an app administrator through its own app administrator dashboard with statistics.
  • Socie has extensive per-member privacy settings, meaning that members can control what information is shown on their profile and which members can see it.
  • Socie has a free version and a paid version with more features.
  • Socie is a platform being developed in the Netherlands. All data remain in the European Union.


  • WhatsApp was developed primarily for the purpose of direct personal communication via text messages.
  • The primary goal of WhatsApp is to provide a fast, reliable and convenient way for users to communicate with each other, regardless of the distance between them.
  • Although WhatsApp has added a number of features in recent years such as (video) calling, status updates and polls, the essence of WhatsApp remains focused on direct, personal interaction between users.
  • The design of WhatsApp is the same for every user and not customizable to your liking.
  • As a user, you always share your phone number and any profile picture.
  • WhatsApp has a free version and a paid version for businesses.
  • WhatsApp belongs to Meta.

Key features of Socie compared to WhatsApp

  • Better protected: Socie provides a secure environment by offering shielded profiles and comprehensive privacy settings.
  • More features: Socie offers extensive functionalities that go beyond simple communication and contribute to organized and efficient communication and interaction within the community.
  • More interaction: Socie is a platform that encourages more qualitative interaction and active engagement within a community. Both between the community and its members and among members themselves.
  • More personalization: Socie allows you to set up the community to your liking. Turn on only the features that are important to your community.

What distinguishes Socie

Better protected

What WhatsApp offers:

  • WhatsApp ensures through end-to-end encryption that messages and calls remain between users and cannot be read or listened to by anyone else, including WhatsApp itself.
  • In addition to end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp is adding additional layers of protection to all conversations.
  • Users have control over what they share, how they appear online and who they can talk to.

What distinguishes Socie:

  • One of Socie’s most important features is security. Socie allows members to shield their entire profile from other members in the community, giving them maximum control over what information they share and with whom. Learn more about Socie’s privacy settings here.
  • Socie members do not have to share a phone number to participate, adding another layer of privacy.
  • Socie regularly reminds members to review privacy settings.

More possibilities

What WhatsApp offers:

  • WhatsApp offers a calling feature that allows users to make both voice and video calls. In addition, it is possible to send voice messages. 
  • Anyone can create a WhatsApp community (with up to 2,000 members). Community administrators can send out announcements to give members important updates and set up smaller discussion groups for members to chat about what they care about. 
  • Users can temporarily turn off notifications for specific members or groups, ranging from 8 hours, 1 week to always. 
  • In WhatsApp, it is possible to turn blue checkmarks on or off in 1-to-1 conversations, which allows the sender to see if the recipient has read the message. 

What distinguishes Socie:

  • Socie offers the ability to manage shared calendars and create events with extended features. Socie automatically sends reminders to the community around events/agenda items for which members have not yet signed in or out. 
  • At Socie, there is no restriction on the number of members. The app is ideally suited for large groups with a specific structure/hierarchy. 
  • Within almost every structured organization, each member has a title or attribute. Within Socie, you can put it in your subtitle and it can be searched for in the member list. 
  • Socie allows app administrators to view important statistics about app usage, such as which sections are accessed most frequently, the number of sessions and the number of users in the app.
  • At Socie, it is possible to use multiple memberships per community. So you can participate in a community on your own behalf, but also on behalf of your child, for example. 

More interaction

What WhatsApp offers:

  • WhatsApp makes it easy for users to share images, videos and locations, enhancing interaction. WhatsApp also supports GIFs and stickers.
  • WhatsApp supports group chats, allowing users to easily communicate with multiple people at once.
  • Through status, it is possible to post messages, photos and videos where they disappear after 24 hours.

What sets Socie apart:

  • News items, podcasts and photo albums can be shared where members can comment on the content and on each other.
  • Socie allows you to post important announcements on the front page of the app. In addition, push notifications can be sent or scheduled to all members, groups and/or guests.
  • Creating interactive groups allows members to communicate, discuss and share certain things within their own group with their own group administrator(s). Read more about the Groups module here.

More personalization

What WhatsApp offers:

  • WhatsApp provides a unified app with the same design and layout for all users.
  • It is possible to set your own profile picture, status update and chat background.
  • WhatsApp offers the ability to choose a different notification sound for each individual conversation.

What distinguishes Socie:

  • With Socie, you add modules yourself that are most relevant to your community. It is possible to add modules multiple times and deploy the modules in different ways.
  • Socie offers the ability to customize the app with your own colors, photos and logos.
  • Socie offers the ability to customize the layout and menu structure of the app.

In conclusion, while WhatsApp is primarily used for direct messaging and facilitating communication between individuals and groups, Socie seeks to connect within communities by uniting people with shared passions, desires or goals. With an emphasis on privacy protection, managing calendars, sharing documents, hosting events and encouraging interaction through news releases, podcasts and photo albums, Socie provides a platform that allows communities to flourish.

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