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Do you think it would be cool to connect other applications to Socie? You can do that with our API! If you have the technical knowledge, your software allows you to easily view and edit data from your community in Socie. This allows you to get so much more out of using Socie.

Retrieve and edit member data

If you use membership administration software with which Socie does not yet interface, you can use the Socie API to ensure that membership data can still be exchanged. You can also make the onboarding of new members easier. Consider adding a new member automatically when he filled out a form on your website. In doing so, you can use your own id of the member. This makes it super easy to retrieve the same member at a later time or to change the data.

Edit additional fields

The Socie API allows you to create, and manage, additional member profile fields. 

– Additional fields can be retrieved, created, updated & deleted.

For all options, check out the Api documentation


Importing and classifying groups

The Socie API allows you to create groups, and manage group members. 

– Groups you can create, update, delete and also you can retrieve group data.

– Group members you can add, update, delete, retrieve and reorder.

For all options, check out the Api documentation


Send notifications đź””

We recently expanded the Socie API to include the ability to send notifications. As a community administrator, it is important to stay in touch with members. That’s why sending notifications through the Socie app has always been one of the most popular features. Indeed, this ensures that administrators can quickly and securely provide community members with information about what is going on in the community. 
So through the Socie API, you can now send these notifications. Here it is possible to schedule the notification to be sent at a later time. You can also specify which members should receive the notification. This way, for example, you can keep members who have signed up for an event informed. Another example is automatically welcoming a member added via the API. 

Activating the API

By default, it is not possible to retrieve or modify data from your community via the API. You can enable this by activating the API. You do this by going to API in App Management through your community’s settings. There you can click on Enable API linking to activate the API. You will immediately see an API key that you can use to access the API. Next, you need to set up which sources of data can be accessed through the API. Here you can also distinguish between read and write permissions. This way you keep all control over your community’s data!
Documentation on how to use the API can be found here.

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